About Us

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Asset Builder Financial Services is a privately owned, boutique, financial advice consultancy firm established in 1985.

At Asset Builder we strongly believe that building a successful investment portfolio is accomplished by concentrating on six key  points:

  1. INVESTMENT CONTROL – do you have control over your investment strategy?
  2. INVESTMENT EDUCATION – do you have a solid understanding of what you have invested in?
  3. INVESTMENT LIQUIDITY – can you cash in your invested capital at short notice?
  4. INVESTMENT TRANSPARENCY – do you know where your capital is invested?
  5. INVESTMENT COST – what costs are you paying to have your capital invested?
  6. INVESTMENT RETURN –do you know the investment return that has been achieved after costs?

The result of good financial advice should be focused on providing “peace of mind”.

Our aim is to ensure that the advice process is  free of conflict and  always in our clients’  best interests.