30 07, 2018

A storm is brewing in the US economy

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A storm is brewing’ in the US economy, says economist Diane Swonk Even if there isn’t a full-blown trade war, the uncertainty surrounding tariffs can hurt the U.S. economy, says economist Diane Swonk. “If we are to continue to have this uncertainty then you have over time a corrosive effect that builds up in 2019

18 06, 2018

Signs of a Potential Market Crash

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The signs of a potential market crash are now appearing, asset manager warns Despite a generally sunny economic outlook, trouble may be lurking around the corner, according to one asset manager. Filia pointed to the increasing frequency of value-at-risk shocks, or swift market corrections, as an indication of fragility for global markets. Historic debt levels

3 05, 2018

The infrastructure moment

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Core infrastructure’s growing role in institutional portfolios As a new asset class, infrastructure has proved itself over the last decade, establishing a strong track record that highlights its potential to enhance returns and mitigate risk as part of a broader portfolio. Furthermore, the expected total return for private infrastructure is now greater than the expected