23 09, 2019

I have seen this happen before

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'I have seen this happen before': Nobel prize winner sounds an economic warning Economist Robert Shiller thinks his peers have missed something big. Most experts in his sphere believe the cogs of the economy are turned by policies and mathematics. But Nobel prize-winning Shiller has always sought out the human side of the so-called dismal

20 02, 2019

Vanguard Dramatically Cuts its Expected Rate of Return

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Vanguard dramatically cuts its expected rate of return for the stock market over the next decade The stock market won't keep returning the kinds of yearly gains investors have gotten used to, according to Vanguard's Greg Davis. "Our expectations around U.S. equity markets is for about a 5 percent median, annualized return," says the fund

3 05, 2018

The infrastructure moment

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Core infrastructure’s growing role in institutional portfolios As a new asset class, infrastructure has proved itself over the last decade, establishing a strong track record that highlights its potential to enhance returns and mitigate risk as part of a broader portfolio. Furthermore, the expected total return for private infrastructure is now greater than the expected